Settled 1760 Incorporated 1875

Forms and Documents

Fee Schedule
Fee Waiver or Reduction Policy
2018 Adopted Budget
2018-2019 Tax Collector Schedule
Employment Application
Season Pool Pass Application

Code Enforcement Permits
Commercial/Residential UCC Construction Permit
Commercial Permit Plan Submittal Guide
Residential Permit Plan Submittal Guide
Dumpster Permit
Residential Rental Licensing Application
Resale Certificate of Occupancy Application
Sidewalk/Curbing Permit
Street Excavation Permit
Zoning Permit (Fences, Decks, Patios, Sheds, Etc.)

Other Forms and Applications
Moving Permit
Yard Sale Permit
Residential Alarm Registration
Northampton County Emergency Communications and E911
Parade Gathering Permit
Person With Disability Parking Placard Application
Transient Retail Permit
Request for Security Check by Bangor PD Form
Northampton County Emergency Communications and E911

Licensing of Residential Rental Units – Ordinance #959
Regulation of Street Storage and Waste Dumpsters – Ordinance #960
Quality of Life and Violations Ticket Process – Ordinance #961
Vehicles, Traffic and Parking Regulations – Ordinance #962
2016 Tax Rate – Ordinance #963
Outdoor and Open Burning – Ordinance #964
Pension Plan Amendments – Ordinance #965
Subdivision and Land Development Update – Ordinance #966
2017 Tax Rate – Ordinance #967
Tax Collector Compensation – Ordinance #968
Amending Recreation Advisory Board – Ordinance #969
Communication Towers and Communications Antennae Zoning Amendment – Ordinance #970
Medical Marijuana Facilities Zoning Amendment – Ordinance #971
2018 Tax Rate – Ordinance #972

Right To Know/ Open Records
Open Records Contact:
Aimee Enderley
197 Pennsylvania Avenue
Bangor, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-2216
Fax: 610-588-6468

Right To Know Resolution
Right To Know Request Form
Right To Know Fee Structure

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